Group Wide Games

School groups visit students play wide game at Wenonah Outdoor Centre in Muskoka OntarioGroups are invited to select one of our Group Games or Activities for each night at Camp. These activities are typically scheduled for before or after dinner and are specific to each group on site.

Capture the Flag

A Camp classic! This large group game sees participants divided into two groups, where they are challenged to find the “flag” hidden by the opposing team.

Cardio Pictionary

A fun and active team-based game, featuring a twist on a childhood favourite!

Survival Game

A large group game where participants take on roles simulating the challenges faced by herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores as they strive to survive in nature.


Divided into small teams, participants must work together to collect 12 of the same “stock” cards by strategically swapping on the trading floor with other groups. Each stock is worth a different amount of points that count towards their grand total! This game is sure to get everyone excited and the blood pumping!


Perfect for large groups, this active outdoor game is guaranteed to energize all students through teamwork and co-operation. Students are split into two teams as they attempt to collect all of the “stones” from the opposing team’s side.


The classic board game comes to life as groups are divided into two teams around Camp that must work together to sink each other’s battleships!

Monster Relay

A large relay-style event incorporating most activities that the participants enjoyed during their visit. A great final activity. Emphasis is placed on group participation and encouragement.

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