Planning Your Visit

Information Guide

Our Information Guide is sure to answer any question you have about your group’s visit to The Camp Wenonah Centre for Outdoor Education.

Organizing Your Trip

We are happy to plan an in-school visit prior to the trip for teachers/organizers, students, and parents. Just ask us for details.

Prior to your school or group visit to Wenonah, the Outdoor Education Centre Director communicates with the trip organizer for your group to confirm the details of your program. The trip organizer for your group receives a complete checklist overviewing all of the forms and items our office requires to finalize the plans for the visit to Wenonah.

Role of Teachers & Chaperones

All groups have their activities organized and facilitated by our qualified Outdoor Education Centre staff team. This allows teachers/chaperones to enjoy the Outdoor Centre experience along with their participants.

During Core Programs, attending teachers/chaperones act as additional staff at an activity, both as an extra set of eyes and to manage any student behavioural issues. Before your visit, please organize teachers/chaperones to ensure that one adult supervisor is with each rotation group during Core Program activities. Similarly, we ask that teachers and chaperones remain present for wide games, evening programs, and other group activities.

While the days at Wenonah are quite full, there are some times that the participants are not under our direct supervision. Teachers/chaperones are directly responsible for participants at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, activity time, between programs (rotation time), during any other free time through the day (prior to and after meals), and after evening program ends.

Nighttime Supervision

Nighttime supervision (from the end of program in the evening to morning wake-up) is the sole responsibility of the teachers and chaperones from that particular group. Most groups choose to assign teachers to rotational supervision duties at night until students are quiet in their cabins. Alternatively, groups may choose to have teachers / chaperones stay with students in the cabin. Wenonah staff do reside on site and in central locations around Camp.

Teachers/chaperones are provided with the phone number of the on-call Wenonah staff member in the event of a nighttime emergency.

Arrival at Camp

Please schedule your weekday arrival time at Wenonah between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm.

Following an introduction to the Wenonah staff, participants are moved into their accommodations. Once settled in, the full group will gather at one of our meeting spots to conduct a “Community Meeting,” which is our opportunity to explain daily procedures and other details with the group.

Afterwards, participants and teachers/chaperones are taken on a tour of Camp to see our site and facilities.

On arrival day, group members are asked to bring a nut-free bag lunch. The first meal served at Wenonah is dinner.

Departure from Camp

Following cabin clean-up and a 12:30 pm lunch, groups depart by 1:30 pm. Please confirm your expected departure time in advance of your stay on the Final Information Form.

On your final day at Wenonah, please arrange to have the bus arrive at least 45 minutes in advance of your scheduled departure time. If you are leaving by car, please have cars packed and ready to go in advance of the departure time.

If your group plans on arriving earlier or departing later than the times listed above, please confirm arrangements with the Outdoor Centre Director prior to the visit. Earlier and later departures that are not communicated in advance of your stay may be subject to additional charge.

Participant Fees

Fees are based on a 24 hour period.

13% HST is added to all fees at time of invoicing.

Teacher & Chaperone Fees

Please note that Teachers and Chaperones (to a maximum of 1:10 supervisor to student ratio) are complimentary.

Additional teachers and chaperones may attend as space permits and the group will be billed at 50% of the participant rate for each additional teacher/chaperone beyond the 1:10 ratio.

Please confirm your final number of teachers and chaperones with the Outdoor Centre Director in advance of your stay. 

Minimum Participants

Please be aware we have a 20-participant minimum for all group bookings.

Groups with less than 20 participants may be permitted (as space allows), and are responsible for payment of the minimum 20 participant amount for their duration of stay.

Join us at Camp!