Tailor Your Visit

We offer the distinctive opportunity for each group to tailor their visit specifically to meet their own themes, goals and outcomes for the visit. We are excited to work with organizers in developing a program unique to their group.

Common styles of Outdoor Centre programs include:

Leadership Retreats

Leadership Retreats offer participants a unique experiential learning opportunity that fosters leadership and self-awareness in a safe and inclusive environment while strengthening partnerships, collaboration, and trust amongst group members. We are pleased to work alongside student leadership groups and/or planning committees to customize a program that emphasizes core themes and overarching goals for participants. We can help by infusing central ideas and concepts into the facilitation and debrief of activities and workshops.

Depending on preference and themes for your group, we welcome the balance of both Wenonah-led and self-directed/student-led workshops for your experience. Similarly, our staff facilitators are available to work with members of student committees to develop skills in public speaking, presentation skills, learning styles, and group dynamics in preparation for workshop facilitation.


This style of program is ideal for…

  • Integrating Schools, New Student Orientations, Student Body Dynamics
  • Teams & Youth Groups
  • Community Organizations

Experiential Education

Whether you are looking to simply take your class for an outdoor experience or to celebrate the start or end of the year, a visit to Wenonah is sure to be both a memorable and lasting experience for each individual and the wider group.

Our Experiential Education program emphasizes a traditional approach by placing value on interdependence, personal development, reflection, and a healthy appreciation of the natural world. With a wide variety of classic activities available, we work with you to build a schedule that develops group dynamics while providing the opportunity for individuals to set personal goals outside of their comfort zones.


This style of program is ideal for…

  • Junior, Intermediate and Senior School Groups
  • Teams & Youth Groups
  • Community Organizations

Specialized Skill Development

With such a diverse natural landscape and variety of activity options, Wenonah is a unique facility to host Specialized Skill programs which emphasize ‘hands on’ learning experiences in the natural world. Whether you are looking to bring your art class to paint the unforgettable Muskoka scenery, or to utilize outdoor living skills on a cumulative camping trip, we are pleased to work with you in planning a program that builds upon both new and developing skills through practical application in the outdoors.

Depending on preference and goals for your group, we welcome the balance of both Wenonah-led and self-directed workshops for your experience. Please contact us to discuss specialized skill opportunities at Wenonah!


This style of program is ideal for…

  • Intermediate & High School Groups
  • Specialist High Skill Major Classes
  • Art & Painting Groups
  • Outdoor Education Classes

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