Evening Programs

Groups are invited to select one of our Evening Programs for each night at Camp. These activities are scheduled as the last activity of the day.

Campfire song for students during school group visit to Wenonah Outdoor Education Centre in Muskoka OntarioCampfire

A traditional campfire program led and hosted by Wenonah staff. A mix of interactive songs, stories, skits and surprises! Contributions from students, teachers and chaperones are encouraged and welcomed!

Evening Nature Walk

Explore the natural environment under the night sky while participating in a variety of sensory activities designed to foster an appreciation for the sights and sounds of the outdoors at night.

Wenonah Stock Exchange

This program offers a fun twist on the stock market. Working in teams, students try their luck buying and selling Wenonah stocks. Students learn the keys to “buying low and selling high.”


A classic game with exciting Camp twists and characters!

Egg Auction for students during school group visits to Wenonah Outdoor Centre in Muskoka OntarioEgg Auction

Divided into small teams, participants will be presented with a variety of items that they can purchase using their group’s “Wenonah Bucks.” Using their purchased items, participants must work together to create a structure to protect their one and only team egg that will be put to the test at our “Drop Zone.” A fun interactive activity that gets creative juices flowing!

Skit in a Bag

Participants are divided into small groups, where they are tasked to come up with a short skit based on the bag of props they are given. This is a great way to spark creativity and performance skills for the group!

Variety Night

Offering a great opportunity for students to let their creative juices flow! Features group skits, songs, stories, and stunts. Option for group practice time is encouraged for groups who select this program.

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